Illustration to the Ramayana, Bharata and his army, Mewar

Opaque pigment on paper heightened with gold

Folio 26.6 x 41.9 cm. Circa 1700 - 1720

The Kingdom of Mewar was one of the most prolific centres for miniature painting and its capital Udaipur was the hub of the artistic activities. The characteristic features of these paintings are the bold outline drawing, vibrant palette and several consecutive scenes in one frame. A page from this series is in the Cincinnati Art Museum, Pride of the Princes, Walker and Smart, 1985, no. 28 and another is in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (M86.345.3) formerly in the Paul Walter Collection (See Pal, 1978, no. 27, pp. 100-101). Ten pages are in the Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena and four more are in the Ducrot collection (See Ducrot, Four Centuries of Rajput Painting Mewar, Marwar and Dhundhar Indian Miniatures from the Collection of Isabelle and Vicky Ducrot , New Delhi, 2009). Related examples are in The Walters Museum, Baltimore, see Pal (Ford Collection) 2001, no. 58, p. 130; Topsfield (Court Paintings at Udaipur), 2001, no. 65, p. 97; Brooklyn Museum of Art, see Poster, 1994, nos. 166 and 168, pp. 212 and 215; Davidson (Art of the Indian Subcontinent from Los Angeles Collections), no. 118, p. 79.