Jagat Singh returning from a Holi festival on an elephant, Mewar

Opaque pigment on paper heightened with gold

Folio 34 x 47 cm. Circa 1740

Charging up a slight incline Jagat Singh returns from holi celebrations on his elephant. Escorted by his regular attendants who carry the ‘Sun King’ standard, golden parasol, hookah and chauri, they all bare the signs of the colour festival. A musical troupe that includes dancing girls, drummers leads the procession along with other attendants carrying mats, fans and wine bottles. Jagat Singh is lavishly adorned with multiple strings of pearls surrounding a large emerald pendant, matched to a triple emerald armband. The elaborate pearl-edged crest at the front of his turban is identical to the one worn by the Rana in a wedding procession, riding on his favoured elephant Shyam Sundar, in honour of Thakur Sirdar Singh formerly in the British Rail Pension Fund.