Raj Singh II (r. 1752 - 55), Mewar

Opaque pigment on paper heightened with gold

Image 39.8 x 28 cm. Circa 1760

Under a wild sky of multi-coloured gilt edged clouds Raj Singh mounted on his prancing dappled grey stallion dominates the centre of the composition. The youthful ruler is bedecked in the traditional finery of a gilded flat turban, sarpech and jeweled headband. He is dressed in a long sweeping red jama embroidered with gold flowers and secured by a long yellow and gold sash. Each of the attendant figures are individually rendered and follow a common convention of the three figures in the rear looking forward and the three in the front looking back. Raj Singh II was the son of Pratap Singh born in 1724. His rule was short and beleaguered by constant wars and the Maratha exactions that limited his resources to support painting.