Illustration from a Nayika Series, Virahini Nayika, Guler

Opaque pigment on paper heightened with gold

Image 17.2 x 11.7 cm. ; 22.3 x 17.7 cm. Circa 1770

Seated with her right knee raised to her chest against deep orange bolsters, with only a hookah to distract her sorrow, the maiden stares blankly downward. Her white sari is delicately embroidered with floral motifs and falls in sweep of pink ripples on a pale yellow carpet. The olive green background is capped by a high arching band of deep orange clouds below a white and pink haze that fades to a blue sky. Compare with a similar composition in the Tandan Collection where Tandan states ‘The artist has aptly accentuated her lonely mood by providing a large expanse of plain background, and by introducing a minimum of accessories.’The shaded irregular shaped cushions and bolsters, carpet fringes, formation of the low walls and arched cloud bands are closely related to portraits depicting Raja Ghamand Chand and Raja Tegh Chand.